The Truth about Trust

 I had the privilege recently of meeting Vanessa Hall, Founder of Entente International Movement of Trust and author of, "The Truth about Trust". Vanessa's personal story and the journey that she has travelled in exploring the role that trust plays in society is extremely thought-provoking. Vanessa uses a simple but profound model to explain how trust, or the lack of it, underpins our interactions with one another. Trust is based on expectations, needs and promises (either implicit or explicit). When expectation or needs are not met and promises are not kept, then trust is broken. Vanessa's recommendations for building trust are:

  • Be clear about your expectations and needs of others.
  • Take every opportunity to articulate these expectations clearly and communicate them whenever you can.
  • Only make promises you can keep and keep them.
  • If the company of product or you are dealing with says they cannot promise to meet your needs or expectations you need to either manage your expectations about the purpose of that interaction or find someone or something that can. 
  • Find out what others expect and need of you and only promise what you can actually deliver.

The message of trust is foundational message in our organisations. I believe Vanessa has a deep understanding of these principles and a unique ability to communicate them. In many of the programmes that we teach including Professional Selling, Negotiation Skills, Personal Branding and Organisational Assimilation and even Transformational Leadership, trust is a key component. I wholeheartedly endorse "The Truth about Trust" and wish Vanessa every success in establishing the International Entente Movement.

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