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Our DISC assessments are Internet-based, totally automated, easy to take, and easy to self-interpret. We have the only report in the marketplace answering the question "This is great, but what do we do with the information?"

Our objective is to give insight into your personal behavioral and communication style. Our assessments help people understand their own personal behavioral & communication style and how they can use that insight to enhance work, social and family relationships. Our Platinum Rule online assessment reports help people understand why they act the way they do and how to adapt their actions for immediate improvements in their relationships.

Unlike other assessments, our DISCstyles online assessment can be completed via the Internet and our FULLY automated site requires no assistance from the reseller or corporate trainer.

Each person who takes the DISCstyles Online assessment receives a Member home page that includes a full report, an eBook, eGraphs, and an interactive online tool on how to use behavioral styles with others. These reports are powerful! They are not only descriptive (of the individual) but also PREscriptive (how to use it with others).

One of our greatest strengths is the 360-degree view with unlimited observer assessments for 30 days at no extra charge. A 360 Degree, or multi-rater, assessment provides a full circle overview of an individual's abilities by gathering information from various perspectives and settings: work, social and family. (Anonymity is guaranteed for all multi-raters.) This removes the subjective portion of a behavioral self-assessment. This part of our system is also fully automated -even equipped with automated reminders for observers who have not yet completed their observer assessment of you.