Leadership Action Plan

The journey towards effective leadership development begins with self awareness. 

This week, I have had the opportunity of reading the submissions of a group of middle managers regarding their leadership journey. 

I asked them to consider their personal view of their leadership by examining vision, passion, communication, influence, integrity and self and social management. 

Secondly, I asked them to talk to their direct reports, colleagues and leaders and to look to develop a comprehensive overview of personal leadership strengths and growth areas.

Prior to this, this same group was assessed using the Profile XT Job matching tool as well as the Checkpoint 360. By combining all of these tools, leaders are afforded a comprehensive overview of their leadership development profile. 

So the process is:

  • Assessment
  • Awareness
  • Analysis
  • Action Plan

What stands out from the feedback of this group is how each of these leadership elements influences the other. Focusing on communication has a direct impact on influence. Vision casting requires effective communication and passion. Passion is supported by self and social management. 

Have you considered the leadership pipeline in your organisation?  Do you have a sustainable action plan in place?