In “The LeaderSHIP”, Dr Manley sets out to answer...

In “The LeaderSHIP”, Dr Manley sets out to answer some of the crucial and timeless leadership questions. Are leaders born or made? What are the essential differences between leadership and management?

The first section of the book examines the big six structural imperatives of leadership (Vision, Passion, Communication,  Influence, Integrity and Self & Social Management). He then explores the concept of “Leadercentrism” as well as four styles of leadership. These styles provide the basis for the hird section of the book where Dr Manley outlines the differences between The Pioneering Leader, the Team Building Leader, The Empowering Leader and the Directive Leader. Written in  non-academic style, the book uses the a nautical theme as a metaphor to describe what leaders do. “If you are looking for leaders, then stop and check the followers. Leadership deals with followers. The journey is never static. As the winds of adversity blow, the conditions alter, and the effective leader has to navigate the LeaderSHIP towards change”

The book provides a high level overview of Mark’s extensive leadership experience in business, government and the media. He has worked in over thirty countries as a business strategist, keynote speaker and leadership development consultant.

I had the privilege of working with Mark for over 20 years and can highly recommend him to any team looking to chart the course of leadership and strategy.